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I closed Excel and tried File Explorer but it could not find XLStart or personal.xlsb in my Windows 10 user folder. I started Excel again, created a simple macro in personal.xlsb, closed Excel (and saved personal.xlsb). The personal.xlsb file now exists in appdata\roaming\microsoft\Excel\XLStart and is easily located by FIle Explorer.

It should be in C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART. To create the personal workbook, you first need to create a macro and store it in the Personal Macro Workbook. Here are the steps to create it: Go to the Developer tab, and click Record Macro.

You will get two prompts 1. Save workbook - That's up to you. 2. Save personal workbook - Yes And that it your boss now has a personal.xlsb. Edit....I should have added, don't un-hide it to add the module, access it via project explorer. Alt+F11 to open it and you'll see personal.xlsb

- find Personal.xlsb in folder as suggested above (we now call this folder A) - move the personal.xlsb to a different folder (folder X) so that Excel cannot use it - open Excel to test it opens cleanly - create a very simple TEST personal file and save it to a (new) folder Z (save as a binary workbook with name Personal.xlsb)

Worked great-- 1) Open VBA: ALT+F11, 2) Paste this script into the Excel VBA immediate window: ?Application.StartupPath, 3) Copy file path, 4) open windows file explorer and paste in file path, 5) Double click the file PERSONAL.XLSB, 6) Check excel macros and they should be there.My file was found here: …

Personal.xlsb needs to be created once. Then only you can access it. To create it once - Now, you have Personal.xlsb To know where is this stored - Type following in Windows Start Search box or in File Explorer %appdata%\Microsoft\Excel This will contain many folders, one of which will be XLSTART.

2 Answers Sorted by: 1 Yes, you can just create it. As far as I know there are no negative consequences for doing so, as long as you: - call the file Personal.xlsb - put it in the Excel Startup path (which you can find by executing ?

Your Personal.xlsb file is stored in a system startup folder. If you want to share your macros with someone else, you can copy Personal.xlsb to the startup folder on other computers, or copy some or all of its macros to the Personal.xlsb file on other computers. In Finder select Go, then hold down the Option key, and select Library.

Most likely, the Personal.xlsb file was disabled by Excel after a crash, update, or for whatever reason. Here are the steps to get your personal workbook up and running again: In your Excel, click File > Options. In the Excel Options dialog box, select Add-ins on the left-hand side. In the Manage drop-down list, pick Disabled Items and click Go.

Sometimes a Personal workbook gets disabled. Try this in Office 2016; File>> Options>> Add-ins Go to manage (bottom of box) and choose Disabled Items If your personal.xlsb file is in the list, select it and click on the enable button Restart Excel Share Improve this answer Follow answered Feb 9, 2017 at 16:23 mooseman 365 3 5 1 Holy smokes, Batman.

If the PERSONAL.XLSB file is missing, then most of the time reason is that you never used it. In that case, you need to create that file, and here is a simple strategy. Go to View > Macros > Record Macros and record some random things in Personal Macro Workbook. That way, it will be created. Look into the PERSONAL.XLSB content

But for one reason or another, it can become unhidden. The quickest way to get rid of it is to go to the View tab and click Hide. Now, Personal.xlsb will continue to open, but it'll be hidden ...

Personal.xlsb missing on macOS Catalina/Office 365. I wanted to save a macro in my Personal.xlsb and didn't see it in the VBA project explorer. After researching quite a bit, it turns out that I don't have that file on my Mac at all. Even searching my entire SSD using the Finder and "xlsb" it doesn't show up. Could someone please help?

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