personal xlsb is locked for editing

Step 1: Try this first, if the file is locked by you. Step 2: Talk to the other user. Step 3: Make sure everyone uses a version that supports co-authoring. Step 4: Put the file in OneDrive or SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Step 5: Make sure to use one of these file formats. Step 6: Check your OneDrive sync app.

KM. kms1970. Created on October 16, 2019. Excel message: "PERSONAL.XLBS is locked for editing" This problem started about 1 or 2 months ago. Everytime I open an excel file, this message pops up: PERSONAL.XLBS is locked for editing by "me".

Zhen 1. Sep 4, 2021, 12:57 PM. Did anyone see the warning (Personal.XLSB is Locked for Editing) when an application tries to launch an excel document after a different excel document is open manually? The files are coming from my own machine.

Excel often shows the "Personal.xlsb is locked for editing" dialog when the application launches -- even though you don't have any other workbooks open. Best Fix (Advanced Users Only): Disable Preview Handler For Excel. I'm including this solution... but this is only recommended for advanced Windows users.

The Fix. There are two main ways to fix this issue (that I'm aware of) and which to use depends on whether you actually use the file or not. If you do not use the file: Simply go into the folder above and delete the file. Once it's gone, Excel will no longer try to load it and you won't get this message. If you do use the file:

185. Excel Personal.xlsb Error. Hi, I have a error in excel while open it i.e. "PERSONAL.XLSB is locked for editing" every time.

You are correct. The personal workbook is for saving macros so that you can use them whenever you have excel open. OP you can delete the file if you don't have any macros stored in it. It should be stored in a location similar to the below if you want to either move the .xlsb file out of the XLSTART folder or delete it if you are not using it.

When you try to open a Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation, or Word document on your mobile device, you might receive a message stating that the file is locked for editing by another user. Typically, you will be able to open the file as read-only, but you won't be able to edit it. The file might be locked because:

#1. Anyone know how to get rid of this pop up everytime I want to access an excel workbook? I don't mind clicking it off when I just need to view the data, it's a problem when a third party software wants to access an excel workbook it gets and internal error.

28. Unhide your Personal.xlsb and turn on the share workbook option. You can then open as many instances of Excel as you want without that pesky read-only message. The only drawback is that if you want to actually add or edit a personal macro you will have to unhide Personal.xlsb again and turn the share option off again (you can't see or edit ...

The quickest way to get rid of it is to go to the View tab and click Hide. Now, Personal.xlsb will continue to open, but it'll be hidden from view. In this way, you'll still have access to the...

Personal.xlsb is locked for editing? I'm still getting use to how macros work. I have created a macro and everything worked just fine. When I exited Excel and reopened to test it, I get a "File in Use", stating it is locked for editing by myself. Even though no other Excel windows are in use. How do I unlock my macros?

Excel Personal.XLB Workbook Routines not firing? I have lots of modules/routine in my Personal.xlsb that I use daily and all work fine, but. Added a routine in Workbook_SheetChange and it wouldn't fire? exhausted all possible syntax errors. Tried adding one line of code to other Workbook routines and none of them will fire??

Solution 1 - Quit All Instance of Word. Step 1. Save your work first and quit all programs. Step 2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the Windows Security Dialog box. Step 3. Select Task Manager and go to the Process tab. Step 4. Click EXCEL.EXE and click the End Task button in the bottom right corner.

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