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The four temperaments and their predominant humors are as follows: Sanguine: blood Phlegmatic: phlegm Choleric: yellow bile Melancholic: black bile Arabic terms are as follows: Sanguine: Damawiyy Phlegmatic: Balghamiyy Choleric: Safrawiyy Melancholic: Sauda The predominance of one humor is said to affect one's appearance and behavior.

Understanding the 4 Personality Types: A, B, C, and D Each person is a unique combination of four personality types. Over the centuries, these basic categories have gone by several names and designations, but for our purposes, they're known as the director, the socializer, the thinker, and the supporter.

The four temperament theory is a proto-psychological theory which suggests that there are four fundamental personality types: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. [2] [3] Most formulations include the possibility of mixtures among the types where an individual's personality types overlap and they share two or more temperaments.

Type theories An early form of personality type indicator theory was the Four Temperaments system of Galen, based on the four humours model of Hippocrates; an extended five temperaments system based on the classical theory was published in 1958. One example of personality types is Type A and Type B personality theory.

A large new study published in Nature Human Behavior, however, provides evidence for the existence of at least four personality types: average, reserved, self-centered and role model.

Table of Contents Personality Characteristics How Personality Develops Impact of Personality Personality Disorders Personality describes the unique patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish a person from others. A product of both biology and environment, it remains fairly consistent throughout life.

Over the years, scientists have identified four broad temperaments under which a person might fall. There is no exact science to it, and some people identify with more than one type of temperament.

Poetic, kind and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause. Protagonist ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T Charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to mesmerize their listeners. Campaigner ENFP-A / ENFP-T Enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits, who can always find a reason to smile. Find Your Type Sentinels Logistician ISTJ-A / ISTJ-T

Understanding the four different personality types Marston's theory plots human behaviour along just two dimensions: 'internal' and 'external', which interact to produce the four different behavioural types, or modes of expression: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

While all traits influence behaviors and attitudes, the two traits that determine a Role are shared by only four personality types and instill in them some unique, matching characteristics (see list below ).

Myers and Briggs proposed that there were four key dimensions that could be used to categorize people: Introversion vs. Extraversion. Sensing vs. Intuition. Thinking vs. Feeling. Judging vs. Perceiving. Each of the four dimensions was described as a dichotomy, or an either/or choice between two styles of being.

Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental Type Four in Brief Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious.

According to data provided by the Myers Briggs Foundation, the most common personality type is ISFJ, which stands for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. Data from the Foundation indicates that this grouping was the personality type of 13.8% of people tested. Some of these personality types have descriptors commonly associated with them ...

4 Personality Types: The Upholder, Questioner, Rebel & Obliger With all modesty, I do think my Four Categories of Personality may be one of my finest contributions to the study of human...

Enneagram Type 4 The Individualist Fours are defined by their sense of being special and different from other people. They are often creative, and present a unique, distinctive persona to the people around them.

1. Sanguine personality type 2. Phlegmatic personality type 3. Choleric personality type 4. Melancholic personality type 5. Extroverted personality type Five personality types!? Why not… Are you naturally outgoing and find it extrememly easy to make friendships?

That's why an understanding of the four unique temperaments or personality types is so important. Two of my favorite authors on this subject are Florence Littauer and Tim LaHaye. They've each written multiple books, so there's a lot more you can learn from their research. But the main point I want to share with you is that diversity is an ...

What are the types of personality? There are many models of personality types that attempt to explain why we are the way we are. Keep reading to learn more about the four main personality types and how they correspond to the personality types from popular models, including Myers-Briggs, 16Personalities and the Big 5.

Which of the 4 Personality Types Are You? By: Teresa McGlothlin 3 min Image: AzmanL/E+/Getty Images About This Quiz You can spend thousands of dollars having your personality analyzed by a doctor, or you can just tell us about yourself! For those of you who fall under the self-centered category, this quiz should be a treat.

The 16 Types: Introduction. The 16 personalities model is based on Carl Jung's theory that suggests that we experience the world using four principal psychological functions: sensation, intuition, feeling, thinking. It also suggests that every person has a preference for one of these functions (more details on Carl Jung's theory here ).

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