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Jerome Nigel McElroy, often referred to as " The Chef " or simply " Chef ", is a recurring fictional character on the Comedy Central series South Park who was voiced by Isaac Hayes.

South Park (1997 TV Show) Jerome 'Chef' McElroy. Trey Parker. Isaac Hayes. [Show Non-English Actors] Darth Chef. Peter Serafinowicz. [Show Non-English Actors]

Trey Parker, Isaac Hayes are the voices of Jerome 'Chef' McElroy in South Park, and Masahiro Kobayashi, Brother Kone are the Japanese voices. TV Show: South Park Franchise: South Park. ... Jack Black is Back in Kung Fu Panda 4 Hailey's On It Trailer Mech Cadets Voice Cast LEGO Ninjago: ...

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Chef's final appearance in South Park was in season 10's premiere episode "The Return of Chef", which used voice clips of the character from previous episodes, and for his transformation into Darth Chef, he was voiced by Peter Serafinowicz. As for Isaac Hayes, he passed away in 2008, and the episode "The China Problem" was dedicated to him.

Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. (August 20, 1942 - August 10, 2008) was the voice actor of Chef from 1997 until he quit from South Park because of the controversy surrounding "Trapped in the Closet" in 2005.

The late music legend Isaac Hayes provided the voice of Chef until he quit the show in 2006 over a controversial episode about Scientology. After he quit the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker used previously recorded lines in an episode that saw chef killed violently, called " Return of Chef ." Jennifer Howell Jennifer Howell.

Jerome McElroy, commonly referred to as Chef, was a recurring character in South Park. He was most famous for being the South Park Elementary cafeteria chef and the boys' go-to guy for advice, which would often result into him breaking into songs about sex.

" The Return of Chef " is the first episode in the tenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 140th episode of the series overall, it first aired on Comedy Central in the United States on March 22, 2006. [2] [3] The episode was the first after the departure of actor Isaac Hayes, who voiced the character Chef.

March 20, 2006, 4:43 PM PST / Source: Reuters. Soul singer Isaac Hayes may have quit his job as the voice of Chef on "South Park" after a disagreement over religion, but his character will ...

Isaac Hayes, the gold-certified soul singer, played the show's voice of reason, Chef, during South Park 's first nine years. When Hayes quit the show suddenly in 2006, reports abounded that...

Chef was a recurring character in South Park that acted as a mentor to the boys whenever they wanted a realistic outlook to whatever problem they were dealing with at the time when they couldn't trust any other adult. Created on Aug 10 2019 South Park (1997) Isaac Hayes South Park (1997) Trey Parker South Park (1997) Peter Serafinowicz Comments

Chef was written off of "South Park" back in 2008. The reason why is shocking, and it didn't have much to do with the voice actor himself. Chef was written off of "South Park" back in 2008. The ...

14 Sep, 2016 09:45 PM 3 mins to read Isaac Hayes who voiced the character of Chef quit South Park in 2006. Isaac Hayes' son has revealed the real reason his dad quit South Park. The...

The Return of Chef: Directed by Trey Parker. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, April Stewart, Peter Serafinowicz. After a long hiatus, Chef returns to South Park, but the boys notice that he isn't the same friend he used to be.

Peter Serafinowicz is the voice of Darth Chef in South Park. TV Show: South Park Franchise: South Park. Incarnations View all 7 versions of Jerome 'Chef' McElroy on BTVA. Darth Chef VOICE. Peter Serafinowicz. Juan Fernandez Mejias. Comments Add a Comment. SHOW COMMENTS (0) VOICE COMPARES.

Hayes joined the founding cast of Comedy Central 's animated TV series South Park. He provided the voice for the character of "Chef", the amorous elementary-school lunchroom cook, from the show's debut on August 13, 1997 (one week shy of his 55th birthday), through the end of its ninth season in 2006.

The new owners of the restaurant, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, told The New York Times this month that they put $40 million into the restaurant's full makeover. But before diving into what $40 million gets you at a dining establishment previously known for having an arcade, a cave, and a waterfall with cliff divers, it's important to take a brief look at what landed Casa ...

voiced by Isaac Hayes and 6 others. Wendy Testaburger. voiced by Mary Kay Bergman and 4 others. Token Black. voiced by Adrien Beard and 3 others. Pip Pirrup. voiced by Matt Stone and 1 other. Herbert Garrison. voiced by Trey Parker and 1 other.

There are 215 actors who have voiced 2996 characters in the South Park franchise on BTVA. Voice Actors: 215 Characters: 2996 Voice Compares: 6 Titles: 1 Shows, 3 Movies ... Imaginationland (2007) South Park Rally (2000) South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (1999) South Park (1998) Voice Compares. Dr. Gouache 2 comparisons Chef 3 comparisons Stephen ...

Why did voice actor Isaac Hayes leave South park?Chef was a prominent character in South park from its very first episodein 1997.the characters popularity an...

When Chef left South Park over some Scientology drama They used samples from previous episodes to voice his last episode . 12 Jun 2023 07:43:41

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