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Nicknames: Chef Penis ( Shrek, Toad and Gordon Ramsay) Chef Chef Pee Hole ( Shrek) Chef Donkey ( Shrek) Chef Fat Fat ( Bowser) Toe Nail Eating Freak ( Bowser) Chef Cock ( Shrek) Chef Weiner Caged Monkey Stripper Hard Pee Pee Pasqually ( King Strongbottom) Peppers Refrigerator Lamp Doorknob Pee Pee ( Mario and Mr. Goodman sometimes) Poopy Butt

Chef Pee Pee @Chefpeepee1 50K subscribers 99 videos Hmm… Oh hi there! I'm Chef Pee Pee. I have tons of jobs, like cooking, cleaning, and beating the hell out of Junior! (don't mind that one)...

Chef Pee Pee pees peas

416 Upload date: December 29, 2018 SML Question: What would you do if you peed peas? " Chef Pee Pee Pees Peas " is the 416th episode of SML Movies and the last episode of 2018 and Season 10. Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters

Fernando "Pee Pee" Strongbottom, [5] or commonly known (and referred to) as Chef Pee Pee, is a chef who doesn't get payed well and one of the main characters of the SuperMarioLogan series. He is slave/chef or butler of Bowser. He is a French-born Italian chef that works for Bowser and Bowser Junior as a slave or henchman and (presumably) a butler.

SuperMario Logan. Fernando "Pee Pee" Strongbottom (formerly Prince Fernando Strongbottom of the Iron Asses of Wales ), or commonly known (and referred to) as Chef Pee Pee, is one of the main characters of the SuperMarioLogan series. He is Bowser and Junior 's miserable slave/chef or butler, and sometimes babysitter who doesn't get paid well ...

FNF' Vs Chef Pp Puppet (V2) is a rhythm game and Friday Night Funkin mod based on the Chef Pee Pee character from the SML YouTube channel. Other characters from the show also make their appearance in the mod. Songs: Pe-Pe Bass Pissed-Off Swagggg Nah Nig Joseph Sneak In Doll Payback Poo-poo

Always make me watch his brat. But i barely get paid. But i hate these other jobs. I don't know what to do! Dude your life sucks! Toad you don't have a clue! (Hook) Man I hate my life! (x3) I ...

Chef Fernando "Pee Pee" Strongbottom is a major protagonist of SuperMarioLogan. He is Bowser's slave/chef. Despite being a protagonist, he was also the main antagonist of The Purge and serves as one of Brooklyn T. Guy's former henchmen. Chef Pee Pee also appears as a supporting character in A Project Guy and he also appears as a minor character in Puppet Pals videos. He is voiced by Lovell ...

Chef Pee Pee Plays Favorites . collection. 6 . ITEMS. 0 . VIEWS. Jan 26, 2023 01/23. Jan 26, 2023. collection. eye 0. Chef Pee Pee Plays Favorites Topic: favorites. Community Video. 1,781 1.8K. All Animated TV and Movies and Videos and Laserdisc and DVD Capture . Jan 25, 2023 01/23 ...

The scene ends with Chef Pee Pee lying exhausted and unhappy. Chef Pee Pee then accuses her of rape. Cody's mother then kisses Brooklyn, and the same thing happens to him. Edit . In The Baby Project, Jackie Chu draws on a chalkboard a naked pregnant woman with bare breasts and draws a gap between her legs to represent a vagina. Then he explains ...

This morning I realized that the New Soup underground theme has the same BPM as Chef Pee Pee's rap . 12 Jun 2023 15:25:44

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